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MTR Software one of the first to provide the scientific, engineering and education communities with micro-computer based fitting solutions™.

FitAll™, our premier product, is a nonlinear (& multi-linear) regression analysis (curve fitting) tool. It helps you to extract meaningful results from your data.

Many say you must transform the model (equation) that describes your system so that it can be fit using linear regression analysis. With FitAll™ you can fit your data to the model that actually describes it, even if it is an implicit function.

MTR Software also provides value added consulting services. This includes creating custom FitAll Function Libraries.
MTR Software is pleased to announce the release of FitAll™ version 10.

New in FitAll 10 are Scripted Funtions, which can be defined by filling out a simple form.

Scripted Functions:
Are one line function expressions.
Contain one independent variable, X.
Can contain up to ten (10) parameters,  P.
SiP™ is a Simple Inventory Program that helps you create inventories of the tangibles in your life, including your home and your office.

SiP''s reports help:
You to decide how much insurance you should buy.
You to justify insurance claims.
Your Executor to deal with your Estate.
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