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  Features and Specifications [pdf] 2016-01-15
  Built-in Functions [pdf] 2016-01-15
Sample report 1 as a MS Word [doc], a LibreOffice [odt] or an OOo Writer [odt] document.

Sample report 2 as a MS Word [doc], a LibreOffice [odt] or an OOo Writer [odt] document.

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  Getting Started Guide [pdf] 2016-01-15
  Reference Guide  [pdf] 2016-08-31
  Basic Functions Guide [pdf] 2016-01-15
  Binding Curve Functions Guide [pdf] 2016-01-15
  Chemistry Functions Guide [pdf] 2016-08-31
  Peak Functions Guide [pdf] 2016-01-15
  Solar Cell Functions Guide [pdf] 2016-01-15
  User Requested Functions Guide [pdf] 2016-01-15
  FitAll Evaluation Edition [exe] 2016-11-15
  How to Install and Uninstall FitAll [pdf] 2015-04-28
  FitAll Licence Agreement [pdf] 2015-04-28
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